Adam Adkins

– Inventor, Co-Founder/CEO
Adam is an experienced sales professional, inventor/visionary and accomplished athlete. During his athletic career, Adam was a member of 3 Big Ten Football championship teams and part of the 1997 National Championship Team for the University of Michigan. He also won an individual State Championship in wrestling and a State Football Championship in high school. After his athletic career came to an end, Adam began his career as a sales professional. Over the next 22 years, he honed his skills to become a top performing sales executive for numerous organizations. In his most recent role, Adam has been the Director of Enterprise Sales for US Legal Support. Adam has always had a unique gift to look at unsolved problems and create solutions. With his combination of skills, he is poised to lead this company to great heights.

Adam has been married to Allison for 16 years. They have three children, Avery, Auburn and Adeline. To say they are proud parents is an understatement.

Karl Fink

– Co-Founder/President
Karl, a graduate of the University of Michigan Engineering College in 1978 and Law School in 1981, has been a practicing trial lawyer in Chicago, Illinois for the last 41 years. After graduating from the University of Michigan Engineering College in 1978 and Law School in 1981, he practiced at the law firms of Williams & Montgomery, Ltd., Dressler Goldsmith and Fitch Even (since 1995). He is admitted to practice in the United States Patent & Trademark Office. Since 1989, Karl has conducted a variety of lawsuits relating to intellectual property, with a focus on patent litigation and suits seeking recovery for patent infringement. Karl served as managing partner of the Fitch Even firm for six years, and is co-chair of the firm’s Litigation Practice Group. A link to his Fitch Even bio is here:

Karl has also been a member of a variety of bar associations, and served in leadership positions in several of them. He is currently very active in the American Intellectual Property Law Association, serving in several leadership positions and occasionally giving talks to the members about current events in intellectual property.

Karl’s professional experience provides a perspective and wisdom that should serve well for our start-up company. We are quite cognizant of the importance of protecting intellectual property, and Karl’s experience will help to insure that the company will have all the protections that it needs. Further, Karl’s experience and priorities in living life with integrity, truth, love and pursuit of justice, while pursuing a variety of creative and fulfilling activities and hobbies that enable maintaining physical and mental fitness and strength, should serve the company well as a resource and guide as the company seeks to become successful and a model corporate and public citizen of this country and the world.

Karl is married to Kathy for 35 years, and they are proud parents of two children, Andrew and Margaret.

Finally, it is important to remember that Karl’s emphasis on maintaining physical fitness and having a healthy lifestyle are priorities that brought Adam and Karl together in the first place (as discussed above). So far, the synergistic combination of the backgrounds and talents of Adam and Karl have enabled them to start this company, immediately see the potential of it, and combine to launch it with a trajectory of success that has been beyond wildest expectations. At this point, we anticipate a very successful path of accomplishing the mission changing people’s lives for the better, while achieving extraordinary revenue and profits along the way.

Committed Leadership Team Members

Ed Gehres

– Shareholder
Shareholder/ Advisor- Ed is an experienced business lawyer and accomplished master’s rower who is co-owner of another high-performance brand, Resolute Rowing. Gehres provides occasional advisory help to the company on discrete projects, as requested by the co-founders.

Dr. Michael App

– Chief Medical Officer
Medical Director- Dr. App is a practicing physician. He is an internist and pediatrician. In addition to his medical practice, Dr. App is the Co-Chair of the West Michigan ACO and Vice President of Answer Health.

Liisa Fink

– Chief Development Officer
Chief Product Development Engineer- Liisa Fink is a product design engineer and the owner of Tangent Product Development LLC. Liisa has diverse experience from ideation through production manufacturing from the automotive interior, office furniture, motorcycle, energy, and transportation industries. She holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University, a Master of Science in Product Development from Northwestern University, and maintains her PMP; Project Management Professional Certification.

Saura Sahu

– Chief of Staff
High-stakes business lawyer. Venture capital law – securities law – corporate governance – business torts – anti-corruption law – regulatory and administrative law – constitutional law. Complex litigation – internal investigations – strategic and major transactions.

Caroline Fahy

– Chief Apparel Designer
SVP of Apparel Design – A designer and lifelong artist, Caroline has built a career specializing in logo, product, communication, and graphic design, with particular focus on color, pattern, typography, and brand implementation. Her design career spans numerous industries, from marketing and advertising to music, entertainment, fashion, and finance. Most recently, Caroline led the visual rebrand for one of the fastest growing RIA firms in the country. She holds a BFA in Industrial design from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.